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Best 'broadband only' contracts during July 2024. Ideal for those who don't need TV or landline add-ons.

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Broadband only deals are a great option for those without landline telephones. These services are cheaper than network call rates and do not require phone line rental. Some providers also offer fibre optic broadband. However, this type of connection is not available in every area. If you want broadband without a landline, you should research the benefits and disadvantages of a broadband only deal.

Can I get broadband without a landline?

Some broadband providers offer 'broadband-only' deals, but these are typically more expensive than a combined broadband and landline package. In addition to the cost of the broadband itself, most providers charge a line rental for the landline. This is a necessary part of getting standard ADSL or fibre broadband into your home.

Landlines are particularly useful for people with bad mobile phone signals. They're dependable, and won't be affected by power cuts or signal problems. Plus, landline calls tend to be cheaper than mobile calls. Broadband without a landline phone service can also cost more than a standard ADSL or FTTC connection.

Previously, broadband without a landline service was impossible to obtain in Ireland. The most common method of getting online in the country was to add a separate internet service to an existing telephone line. This process is known as a 'clothed' connection in the industry. However, most people nowadays don't need a landline, and instead use a mobile phone or a VOIP connection.

You can also opt to purchase a broadband without a landline package from Virgin Media. However, a fibre broadband package may be unavailable in rural areas. Alternatively, you can opt for mobile broadband. Mobile broadband uses the same technology as mobile phone networks and can be accessed by 4G SIMs or dongles.

There are several broadband providers in the UK. Virgin Media is one of the largest providers and offers cable broadband. Its broadband-only tariffs offer up to 516Mbps download speeds and a landline-free option. The company's network covers approximately 44% of the country, with plans to increase coverage in the coming years. However, the company only offers landline-free deals to about half of their broadband customers.

Can you get broadband-only deals with fibre optic?

If you want to cut the cord and get a fibre broadband package without a phone line, there are some companies that offer broadband-only packages. These companies include Virgin Media, EE and Gigaclear. However, the price of these packages is usually higher than the price of a fibre package with a phone line.

Most of the broadband providers in the UK use the same network of fibre optics. The speeds are similar, though the price range varies. Virgin Media's fibre network covers 60% of the UK. Prices range from PS20 a month to PS50 a month, depending on your download speed.

If you're looking for a fibre-optic broadband package, make sure that the provider offers fibre to the premises. This type of connection is more reliable and faster than FTTC. Most of the UK homes can get up to 76 Mbps, but a small minority of homes can get speeds of 1 Gbps or more. For those who're interested in fibre broadband, the best deals will be broadband-only or broadband and phone packages with speeds of at least 36 Mbps.

Most broadband providers use the Openreach network to deliver service. As a result, most broadband packages require line rental. However, some smaller providers such as Gigaclear, Community Fibre, and G.Network offer broadband-only deals without line rental, though they are only available in a few rural areas. You can also choose to get a fibre broadband only deal with Virgin Media, which uses its own fibre network. However, you will need to live in the fibre network's coverage area.

Hyperoptic has recently entered the home broadband market. Their Hyperfast broadband service is up to 10x faster than BT's Full Fibre 100, and boasts fantastic value for money. It also offers shorter contracts and various other features. One contract with Hyperoptic costs PS25 a month and offers download speeds of up to 150Mbps.

Is it cheaper to get a broadband-only deal?

In the UK, there are several ways to get broadband. Almost every major provider offers a broadband-only package, but the vast majority require line rental as well. Other options include FTTP, or fibre to the premises, which runs directly from a street cabinet to your home. These types of services typically provide the highest speeds, but require a bit more work.

Before making a decision, compare contract lengths and price guarantees. Although broadband-only deals may seem cheaper initially, be careful to check the terms and conditions of the contracts. You may find that you will end up paying more than you expected once the contract period expires. You should also check whether the broadband providers offer any perks that may help you cut your monthly costs. In many cases, these perks will only be offered to new customers.

Broadband-only deals are a good choice for those looking to cut out the landline and telephone lines, but be careful not to get the wrong one. It's important to consider the preferred provider, speed, and availability in your area before committing to any one deal.

Increasingly, broadband providers are offering broadband packages without landlines. Although these aren't as widespread as landline bundles, they can save you money if you don't have a landline connection. It's also important to note that a broadband-only deal with a landline is not always cheaper than a broadband-and-phone package.

There are many options for broadband packages in the UK. The price of these deals vary from provider to provider, but broadband deals with unlimited data are a good choice for home and business users. However, if you're on a budget, it's better to opt for a bundle.

Compare broadband and broadband only deals

In addition to the basic Internet package, you can also choose a broadband only deal. These deals are cheaper than those that include phone and landline services. Some big names offer separate broadband only deals. Virgin Media is the most popular provider of broadband only in the UK. It offers a broadband-only deal with a number of added features.

Broadband only deals can include no landline phone service, or they can include a landline phone line provided by another company. In some cases, these deals also include a pay-as-you-go phone service, so you can keep your existing phone. Another option is to opt for mobile broadband, which connects you to the internet through a 3G or 4G network. This option is best for people who do not make landline calls and do not require subscription TV.

To choose the best broadband deal, you need to make sure you compare broadband deals from different providers. Although there are many broadband deals in the UK, the most popular ones are BT, Sky Broadband, Virgin Media, TalkTalk, and Vodafone UK. You can easily compare the features and prices of these companies and choose the best one for your needs. You can also check the speed and download limit of the internet connection.

You can also choose a broadband only package if you're looking for a more affordable package. This package will allow you to cut your monthly costs without compromising the quality of your service. Generally, this type of package is the cheapest option for those who do not need other services, but do not want to have a phone line.

Are broadband and TV packages cheaper?

When comparing broadband and TV packages, it is important to know your specific needs. For example, if you mainly watch Netflix and NOW TV, you may not need a huge package. In addition, many television providers include subscriptions to popular streaming apps with their best broadband deals. You should make sure to check whether these packages are cheaper than separate subscriptions from other providers.

The combined services are usually cheaper than if you buy them separately. Plus, they're easier to manage than multiple bills from different providers. Bundling these services can save you up to 50% on your monthly bills. Some packages even come with extras, such as cash back incentives and vouchers.

Depending on which bundle you choose, you may also be eligible for TV channels exclusive to particular providers. For example, BT Sport has the rights to select European Champions League and Europa League games. It also has the rights to Premier League and Rugby matches. Sky Sports, on the other hand, focuses on top sports. Both Sky and Virgin TV offer a variety of streaming TV services, including catch-up services and dedicated streaming apps.

You can choose the best broadband and TV bundle based on your needs. Consider how much data you need, how long it takes for pages to load, and where you live. Likewise, you should take into account how fast you need to download music and videos. The lowest cost packages will offer standard broadband with speeds between 10-11Mbps.

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