EE Broadband Review – Is EE Broadband any good?


If you choose to have EE supply you with your home broadband then you can expect broadband that is competitively priced, as well as superfast and reliable. You can also get an affordable TV service which is based on Apple TV 4K set top box.

There are several reasons to choose EE broadband. They offer standard (ADSL) and fibre broadband as well as ultrafast speeds, so there’s something for everyone. In addition to broadband, they also do phone and TV packages so if you like to be entertained or use your landline a lot you can continue to do just that.

All of EE’s broadband packages are truly unlimited, which means that you can download as much as you like, and you won’t get any nasty surprises when the bill comes in at the end of the month. And the thing we like most about EE broadband is the fact that all of their packages are simple and easy to understand.


What packages do EE broadband offer?

EE offer a massive range of different broadband packages, but they are relatively simple to understand, making it easy to make an informed decision about which one is right for you. Both their standard ADSL and fast broadband packages are available on 12, 18 or 24-month contracts so you can find something hat’s right for you whether you prefer flexibility or the security of knowing that your bill will remain the same each month.

The packages are ‘truly’ unlimited, which means that you can use as much data as you like without the worry of extra charges, or the speed slowing down during peak times. ADSL broadband comes with a free EE Bright Box router, and all of their fibre packages come with the Smart Hub router, which is more powerful.

Here’s the full range of packages offered by EE:

Package name

Average speed

Suitable for…



People who live alone and don’t use the internet to stream very often



Entry-level fibre optic broadband for small families

Fibre Plus


For larger family homes or shared student accommodation

Fibre Max 100


Not cheap, but a very fast connection suitable for gamers or those who want a superior online experience

Fibre Max 300


EE’s first ultrafast connection, for the busiest of homes with many internet-enabled devices and smart gadgets

Full Fibre


Uses FTTP fibre to the premises), to deliver lightening speeds and will allow 100 simultaneous connections


If you live in an area that can’t get a fast fibre connection then EE also offer their 4GEE home router, which uses EE’s mobile phone network to boost your signal to up to 31Mbps.



EE TV is only available when you sign up to EE broadband. It’s based on the Apple TV 4K set top box and offers on-demand content from the likes of BBC iPlayer, UK TV, ITV Hub and All4. There’s also the option to add BT Sport, Netflix, NOW TV and Amazon Prime, but additional costs may apply for all of these.


Do EE offer call packages?

All of EE’s standard ADSL broadband connections will require a landline to use. The fibre connections won’t, however you can still choose to add a home phone with a calls plan to your broadband package if you wish to.


Does EE offer broadband only?

If you have no use for a home phone, then as long as you don’t choose a standard ADSL broadband package, a landline is completely optional. Choosing not to have one will save you money every month compared to having one  -especially if you seldom use it.


Can I get EE broadband where I am?

Chances are you will be able to get EE’s standard (ADSL) broadband, Fibre broadband or Fibre Plus broadband packages where you are. However, the ultrafast packages (Fibre Max and Full Fibre) are not as widely available so you may not necessarily be able to get them just yet.

Like all providers though, EE are gradually expanding their network so it will likely only be a matter of time before a much faster connection is available where you are.

The best way to check what EE broadband packages will be available to you, is to use the postcode checker on their website. Even if you can’t get a particularly fast connection, it’s well worth considering the EE 4GEE home router, as this uses the EE 4G mobile network to boost your connection and you can get as fast as 31Mbps, which isn’t bad at all.


Is it easy to set up EE broadband?

For the vast majority of households in the UK, no installation is required when switching to EE Standard broadband, Fibre broadband or Fibre Plus broadband packages. It’s simply a case of plugging in the router that they send you then away you go – the process literally takes a couple of minutes.


If you opt for the Fibre Max or Full Fibre packages however, they will generally require an engineer visit in order to set up. The only exception to this is if you’ve had an ultrafast or FTTP internet connection to your property before, or if previous occupants of your property have. Some newbuild homes are also built with this infrastructure in place. EE will charge a set up fee if they need to send an engineer out to your home. Typically, they will be at your home for one to two hours in order to get the job done.


What are the best bits about EE broadband?

There are loads of great things about EE broadband. EE are a large company and so they really have everything you could possibly need for the best possible broadband connection to your home. Here are a few points that make EE particularly good in our opinion:

  • They are competitively priced, especially for the standard ADSL broadband
  • There is a wide array of different packages, so you’re bound to find one that is right for you.
  • The Apple TV 4K set top box is great and easy to use
  • If you live in an area that doesn’t get great speeds, their 4GEE home router is a great way to boost it


So, if you want the flexibility to choose between a 12, 18 or 24-month broadband contract with a package that suits your needs, and you think you’ll benefit from the Apple TV 4K set top box then EE is a great choice for your next provider. They are a popular company with plenty of experience in the industry, making them a safe pair of hands for fast, and reliable broadband without breaking the bank.



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