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Reasons to choose a Plusnet broadband tariff

When it comes to broadband, you have a wide variety of options to choose from, but it can be confusing which option is the best for you. Plusnet broadband review UK gives you a clear picture of the pros and cons of each service so you can make the best choice for your needs.

Customer service

Plusnet is a broadband provider, which means that customers may need to contact customer service to resolve issues. There are different types of support, from help and advice to technical questions. Some of the best customer services in the UK are provided by Plusnet.

First off, if you are an existing customer you are in luck. Plusnet has a dedicated online help and support site. This site is a wealth of information. You can learn how to change your account details, view your bill, and even submit a request for a service upgrade.

In addition to this site, you can also take advantage of the many telephone and email customer service options. To get started, you'll need to enter your Plusnet username, password, and postcode, which will allow you to log on to your account.

The good news is that the Plusnet customer service team is in place to provide you with the best service possible. They are available eight hours a day, seven days a week, and will help you out with all your needs.

You can make a quick phone call, chat, or send an email to get your problems addressed in a jiffy. If you are dealing with a large complaint, you might want to consider contacting the ombudsman.

Another useful gizmo that Plusnet offers is the Down Detector. Using this tool, you can check your Plusnet network status, including your download and upload speeds. Additionally, you can raise a ticket with the help assistant.


Plusnet is a UK broadband provider. It's owned by BT and based in Yorkshire. They offer a range of broadband packages and services. Their broadband is a good deal.

If you're looking for a cheap, easy to understand package, Plusnet is a good option. But, the actual speeds are not that great. Nevertheless, the company has a great customer service department. You can contact the agents via live chat, phone, and social media.

The company offers three basic broadband packages. Those are their entry level fibre offer, their full fibre offer, and their standard / ADSL deal. These are all aimed at multi-user households. Each package has different features.

Plusnet has a comprehensive online help system that covers everything from broadband to mobile, email, and BT Sport. Moreover, it has a FAQ page with information on equipment, installation, and special offers.

In addition, they offer a free wireless router. And, they have a community forum where you can ask questions and get answers.

Overall, Plusnet has a solid product. Whether you're looking for a full fibre broadband or a no-frills SIM-only package, the company is a good choice.

Plusnet's speed test will give you an idea of what your broadband speed will be before you sign up. However, the real speeds vary depending on your location, wiring in your home, and time of day. This means that you can't compare it to the best deals from the big players.


Plusnet is a broadband provider that offers a great range of fibre and ADSL packages, all at affordable prices. This provider provides good value and has a solid reputation for customer service.

Plusnet uses the Openreach fibre broadband network to provide internet access. It also has a UK-based call centre. In addition to their helpline, there are online help guides for everything from your account to mobile and email.

Plusnet offers broadband packages for the entire UK, including multi-user homes, and for those with fibre connections. They have a good selection of packages to choose from, and have a variety of payment options.

For those with a tight budget, Plusnet offers competitive rates on SIM-only plans. The company has a good reputation for customer service, and their UK-based phone and helpline lines are open 9am - 6pm on Monday to Saturday and 9am - 5pm on Sunday.

Customers can expect to pay a modest set-up fee when signing up to a new package with Plusnet. Installation can take five to ten working days. If you live in a rural area, however, you may not be able to get a Plusnet broadband package.

Plusnet is one of the largest broadband providers in the UK, and it has good customer service. It also ranks highly in the Ofcom customer satisfaction surveys.

Although Plusnet doesn't have the fastest speeds available in the UK, it does offer excellent value for money. Despite its high ratings, it is not the best option for heavy internet users.

Complaints levels

Plusnet is the best of the broadband providers when it comes to customer satisfaction. However, if you want to compare the performance of different providers, you'll need to know where to look. The good news is that Ofcom's consumer complaints study shows that the provider is on the right track.

Ofcom's report ranked the providers based on their complaints per 100,000 customers. As you might imagine, the largest providers accounted for the majority of the complaints. Although the overall number of complaints was relatively low, the number of complaints that are relevant to consumers were on the rise. In Q2 2018, Plusnet ranked in the top five for the number of complaints per 100,000 customers.

One of the biggest complaint categories was the fixed line broadband segment. This is the type of service that you get by connecting your broadband to the same cable or telephone line that you use to make phone calls. Compared to mobile, the number of complaints about fixed broadband increased.

There were a handful of notable performers in the pay-monthly mobile category. Vodafone topped the league table, while Tesco Mobile was a distant second. EE and Sky both performed well, notably, but did not beat the average.

The worst performer was Shell. Its Energy Broadband was the least-satisfying product on the market. Some of its customers complained about faults and provisioning issues. Others complained about billing and contract changes.

Best BT Broadband & Fibre Plan Features
🔥 Full Fibre 100 at 150Mbps £33.99
🔥 Full Fibre 500 at 500Mbps £43.99
🔥 Full Fibre 900 at 900Mbps £53.99
🔥 Min. Contract 24 Months

Set up cost

Plusnet is a budget friendly broadband provider that offers a variety of speed options. They are known for their competitive prices, excellent customer service, and reliability.

Plusnet offers standard broadband packages as well as full fibre broadband deals. These packages range from the standard UK speeds to faster options. The latter offer customers more options to stream HD content on their TV.

In addition to offering broadband, Plusnet also provides home phone deals. Their service is competitively priced and they offer discounts to customers who opt for both broadband and mobile services.

Plusnet's broadband deals can be found in most locations throughout the UK. Customers can choose between monthly contracts, 12-month contracts, and no contract. However, some broadband packages are not available on monthly contracts.

The set up cost of Plusnet broadband depends on the length of the contract. A typical deal will take five to ten working days to install. Once you have completed the process, you will be provided with a router. You will be able to use an alias email address to get in touch with your account.

For more information, you can visit the Plusnet website. There you will find a comprehensive FAQ page, as well as details about broadband and customer service.

Depending on the type of package you opt for, you will receive a Wi-Fi router. This device will provide a boost to your WiFi signal in every room of your home.


If you have been considering switching your broadband provider, Plusnet is one to consider. It offers some great value for money fibre packages.

However, Plusnet is not the only network provider that offers competitive broadband deals. Other providers such as Virgin Media and Sky are also competitors in the full fibre arena. They offer similar features to Plusnet, including high speed internet and home phone packages. But, they also tend to be more expensive.

The best way to find a deal from Plusnet is to go through a comparison website such as Uswitch. This will help you to discover the cheapest offers in your area. Also, keep an eye out for add-ons. Many Plusnet broadband deals are available with a free wireless router or line rental.

Although there are many Plusnet deals available, it can be difficult to choose the right one. In particular, you should take into account how much bandwidth you require, the length of your contract, and the costs associated with the set up. You should also check your contract's end date. Some broadband packages come with a limited number of contract lengths.

Alternatively, you may be able to sign up to a 24-month contract and receive a discount. Additionally, you can benefit from Plusnet's "Plusnet Perks" - an unlimited referral program, unlimited free calls, and the opportunity to earn money off a friend's contract.

What is the best Broadband deal for Plusnet?

Currently the best Plusnet Broadband Plan costs £24 giving you unlimited data, subject to fair-use clauses.. With Plusnet you can also cancel within 30 days for their rolling broadband contracts.

Can I get unlimited downloads with Plusnet?

It depends, unlimited data on Plusnet is really popular so make sure you get enough bandwidth to cover your needs.

How much can I save with Plusnet 30 day Broadband?

Of course, it depends on what plan you were on before. But with a Plusnet Broadband plan or contract over 30 days, you can of course cancel any time and switch. You are not tied in with Plusnet a lot of other deals.

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